Research Article | Geo-hazards of the San Vito peninsula offshore (southwestern Tyrrhenian Sea)

Geo-hazards of the San Vito peninsula offshore

A. Sulli , M. Agate , E. Zizzo , M. Gasparo Morticelli & C. Lo Iacono (2021):

Geo-hazards of the San Vito peninsula offshore (southwestern Tyrrhenian Sea)

Journal of Maps, DOI: 10.1080/17445647.2020.1866703
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In this paper we present geomorphological hazard mapping of the San Vito Peninsula offshore (Sicilian margin of Tyrrhenian Sea), characterised by a very narrow continental shelf and a very dipping, tectonically active continental slope, no far from a seismogenic belt. The data set consists of morpho-bathymetric models achieved by means of multibeam survey and scattered high resolution seismic profiles. The morpho-bathymetric study highlighted some potential sites of geomorphological hazards, the most representative of which are: (i) two canyons developing from the upper slope off San Vito Cape down to the Erice basin; (ii) a dense network of small incisions across the upper slope; (iii) a very active landslide, developed onland and extending in the continental shelf close to the Scopello village. The geomorphological features that can generate submarine hazard are represented by: unstable sediment packages into canyon heads or along the upper slope; submarine canyons with regressive erosion; coastal landslides.

Marine geo-hazard, slope failure, submarine canyon, landslides, southern Tyrrhenian Sea

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