Mud Flow Dynamics at Gas Seeps (Nirano Salse, Italy)


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Keywords: mud volcanism, aquifer, mud level, mud flow dynamics, Nirano Salse.
Posted Date: December 28th, 2021

Beatrice Maria Sole Giambastiani, Marco Antonellini, Massimo Nespoli, Massimo Bacchetti, Antonino Calafato, Marzia Conventi, Andrea Dadomo, Giovanni Martinelli, Maria Morena, Serena Venturoli, Antonello Piombo

Mud Flow Dynamics at Gas Seeps (Nirano Salse, Italy)

(Mud Flow Dynamics at Gas Seeps (Nirano Salse, Italy) | Research Square)

The Nirano Salse , known since the Roman Times, are one of the most beautiful and scenic mud volcanoes areas of Italy with thousands of visitors every year. In this work, we apply hydrogeological techniques to characterize mud levels in the Salse by means of GPS-RTK positioning and continuous level logging within mud conduits. Our results suggest that different mud levels in mud volcanoes clusters are due to the different gas-liquid ratio in the conduits and not necessarily exclude interconnection at depth, a hypothesis, on the other hand, that seems strengthened by mud level time series correlations. The presence of shallow aquifers at a depth of 5 to 30 m is also supported by our field data. These shallow aquifers may provide a temporary storage for the ascending gas and when fluid pressure in these aquifers exceeds the tensional strength of the sedimentary rock, leakage of fluids to the surface would occur.

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