BeGEO 2021 - Giorno 2, sessione pomeridiana

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:sun_behind_small_cloud: SESSIONE POMERIDIANA
dalle ore 14:00 alle 16:30

BeEnGEO: technological innovations in Engineering geology
Conveners: Pierluigi Confuorto, Mauro Bonasera

  • 3-1 14:00-14:10: Bausilio G.*, Ammirati L., Guerriero L., Calcaterra D.: 3D Slope stability analysis in the Agnano district (Naples, Italy) by means of a physically-based software.
  • 3-2 14:10-14:20: Costa L.T.*, Vitale E., Graziano S. F., Rispoli C., Russo G.: Alkaline Activation of Natural Pozzolans: Chemo-Physical Evolution.
  • 3-3 14:20-14:30: Di Napoli M.*, Di Martire D., Calcaterra D., Firpo M., Pepe G., Cevasco A.: Evaluation of rainfall-induced shallow landslide susceptibility using a hybrid integration approach.
  • 3-4 14:30-14:40: Festa D.*, Del Soldato M., Raspini F., Confuorto P., Casagli N.: Ground deformation mapping over large areas by means of InSAR-based semi-automatic approach.
  • 3-5 14:40-14:50: Gizzi M.*: Geothermal resources exploitation from hydrocarbon wells using closed-loop geothermal systems: the potential of some Italian oilfields.
  • 3-6 14:50-15:00: Ruzza G.*, Revellino P., Guadagno F.M.: Laboratory test results of a new developed low-cost and open-source inclinometer based on MEMS technology.

Convener: Concetta Rispoli

  • 1-32 15:30-15:35: Appiah E.*, Stabile P., Arzilli F., Fabbrizio A., Carroll M. R.: Phase equilibria and pre-eruptive conditions at low f(O2) of pantellerites from Fastuca pumice fall unit.
  • 1-33 15:35-15:40: Boccaccini F.*, Ingo G.M., Riccucci C.: An insight into the precious lustre decoration technology through chemical, mineralogical and statistical analyses.
  • 1-34 15:40-15:45: Cavaliere M.*, Barrenechea Angeles I., Chiavarini S, Francescangeli F., Parrella L., Rimauro J., Schirone A., Pawlowski J., Frontalini F.: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction in the highly polluted Bagnoli-Coroglio SIN (Site of National Interest): towards inferring paleo-ecological quality status and reference conditions using morphological and molecular benthic foraminiferal data.
  • 1-35 15:45-15:50: Corvò S.*, Maino M., Langone A., Bonazzi M., Simonetti M., Schenker F.L., Casini L., Piazolo S., Seno S.: A multidisciplinary approach to unravel the rocks heterogeneities: link between deformation and metamorphic processes from lithospheric crust.
  • 1-36 15:50-15:55: Franchini S.*, Barbieri M., Barberio M.D., Billi A., Boschetti T., Giansante L., Gori F., Jónsson S., Petitta M., Skelton A., and Stockmann G.: Changes in groundwater trace element concentrations before seismic and volcanic activities in Iceland from 2010–2018.
  • 1-37 15:55-16:00: Guarino A.*, Aruta A., Ebrahimi P., Dominech S., Lima A., Cicchella D., Albanese S.: Radon fluxes estimate from geochemical data and gamma radiation in Campania region (Italy).
  • 1-38 16:00-16:05: Marino C.*, Ferranti L., Natale J., Sacchi M., Anzidei M.: Morphodepositional and archaeological indicators to reconstruct the ground movements in the Campi Flegrei offshore caldera.
  • 1-39 16:05-16:10: Randazzo P.*, Caracausi A., Ionescu A., D’Alessandro W., Li Vigni L., Papic P., Marinkovic G., Cardellini C., Aiuppa A., Chiodini G.: Deep-sourced fluids released in central-western Europe: new evidence of active degassing in Serbia region.
  • 1-40 16:10-16:15: Summino L.*, Bertok C., Martire L.: Stratigraphic analysis and petrographic characterization of Piani Resinelli sulphide deposits (Valsassina, LC).
  • 4-12 16:15-16:20: Bollino A.*, Marotta A. M., Restelli F., Regorda A., Sabadini R.: New insights on the dynamics of the Sumatra and Mariana complexes inferred from the comparative analysis of gravity data and model predictions.
  • 4-13 16:20-16:25: Natale Castillo M. A.*, Tesauro M., Cacace M.: How does seismic attenuation correlate to rheology of crustal rocks? First results from a numerical approach.

Mineralogy: a window on Earth and Extra-terrestrial geological processes
Conveners: Beatrice Celata, Sofia Lorenzon

  • 1-1 14:00-14:10: Barbaro A.*, Nestola F., Domeneghetti M.C.: Carbon phases in Ureilites: The shock origin of diamond and the important role of Fe-Ni compounds.
  • 1-2 14:10-14:20: Battiston T.*, Pagliaro F., Lotti P., Gatta G. D.: High-pressure driven intrusion of molecules in natural erionite-K zeolite.
  • 1-3 14:20-14:30: Lorenzon S.*, Wenz M., Nestola F., Pamato M. G., Novella D., Nimis P., Jacobsen S. D., Marone F., Anzolini C., Mazzucchelli M. L., Alvaro M., Regier M., Stachel T., Pearson D. G.,Harris J. W.: Genesis and Depth of Formation of Ferropericlase Inclusions within Super-Deep Diamonds.
  • 1-4 14:30-14:40: Precisvalle N.*, Martucci A., Gigli L., Plaisier J.R., Hansen T.C., Nobre A. G., Bonadiman C.: F/OH ratio in a rare fluorine-poor blue topaz from Padre Paraíso (Minas Gerais, Brazil) to unravel topaz’s ambient of formation.
  • 1-5 14:40-14:50: Domenighini G.*, Barale L., Bertok C., Giorno M., Martire L., Piana F., Zanin S.: Geological and structural characterization of the Vedra Valley Zn-Pb-Ag sulfide ore (Polymetallic Gorno Mining District, northern Italy).
  • 1-6 14:50-15:00: Tinagli L.*, Dini A., Vezzoni S., Rocchi S.: Granitoids and pyrite bodies exploited similar crustal traps in the Gavorrano Intrusive Hydrothermal Complex (Tuscany, Italy).

Convener: Ettore Valente

  • 2-25 15:30-15:35: Corno A.*, Groppo C., Mosca P., Borghi A., Gattiglio M.: Eclogitic metamorphism in the Alpine far-west: new petrological constraints.
  • 2-26 15:35-15:40: D’Agostino A*, Ortolano G., Pagano M., Visalli R., Zucali M., Fazio E., Alsop I., Cirrincione R.: ArcStereoNet: an ArcGIS® Python toolbox to analyse and plot 2D and 3D structural data.
  • 2-27 15:40-15:45: De Togni M.*, Gattiglio M., Ghignone S.: Structural evolution of the Pietramorta Shear Zone (Stura di Viù Valley, Western Alps): kinematics and tectonic significance of a shear zone promoting eclogitic units exhumation.
  • 2-28 15:45-15:50: Nallino E.*, Mancini A.M., Gennari R., Lozar F.: Trigger of Messinian sapropel deposition: clues from stable isotopes on benthic foraminifers.
  • 2-29 15:50-15:55: Sanità E.*, Lardeaux J.M., Marroni M., Gosso G., Pandolfi L.: Record of shallow levels tectonics in low-grade continental units: Insights from the Marguareis Massif (southwestern Alps).
  • 3-21 15:55-16:00: Annibali Corona M.*, Guerriero L., Calcaterra D.: Deep Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations in the Appenine Mountains of Southern Italy: the Mt. Bulgheria case study.
  • 3-22 16:00-16:05: Lepore D.*, Allocca V., Coda S., Cusano D., De Vita P., Marsiglia P.: Back to the past: application of hydrogeological physical models to teaching and science popularization.
  • 3-23 16:05-16:10: Liso I.S.*, Masciopinto C., Parise M.: Integration of surface and subsurface data for the understanding of karst hydrogeology: caves as open windows to the water table.
  • 3-24 16:10-16:15: Luppichini M.*, Bini M., Paterni M., Berton A., Merlino S.: Beach Topography-Based Method for Shoreline Identification.
  • 3-25 16:15-16:20: Miele P.*, De Stefano R., Di Martino G., Montella A., Rella Riccardi M., Di Martire D.: Integrated infrastructures monitoring system using advanced DInSAR techniques and in-situ measurements.
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